Transparent Structural Silicone Adhesive

Dow Corning® TSSA is an optically clear and high strength silicone film for EXTERIOR FACADE applications. It is applied in factory and cures under heat. The high quality of crystal clear bonding is ensured through the well established Quality Bond™ Program.


  • Crystal clear adhesive
  • Almost invisible bonding
  • Sleek and flush facade aesthetics
  • Uninterrupted– no glass drilling
  • Small point fixing connections*

Energy Efficiency & Durability

  • Point-fixed gas-filled insulating glass without breaching IG cavity
  • No glass drilling – no risk of gas loss
  • For high performance double and triple glazed IG units


  • High UV and temperature resistance
  • Performance tested according to ETAG 002-1 requirements
  • >9 times higher dynamic design load*
  • >50 times higher permanent design load*
  • High movement capability
  • Factory bonding – for Dow Corning® Quality Bond TSSA applicators


Point fixed glass facades:

  • With and without mechanical deadload support
  • Curved glass
  • Laminated glass with functional or decorative interlayers