Sefar Glass®


SEFAR Architecture VISION | fabric & glass is a black precision fabric that can be coated on one or both sides or printed on and used in laminated glass.


Laminated glass used in: Facade elements, curtain walls, room partitions, wall panels and other design elements for interior applications.


Provides improved thermal performance, reduces glare and adds a unique depth in facade design by utilizing the three-dimensional effects of fabric. Can reduce heat loading and aggressive visual light transmission (VLT) potentially saving the building owners capital expenses in HVAC mechanical, exterior louver and possible interior shading systems.

Provides unique privacy for interior glass panels, while not inhibiting the views from the interior

UV stable color printing allows for countless options for design or pattern without reading through to the inside of the building

Preventing bird clashes

Quality and security thanks to certified laminators and SentryGlas foil